​Etheric Weaver Healing

Approximately 90% of all physical illnesses are caused by negative energies trapped in the Etheric Body. One way to heal the Etheric Body is by using an Etheric Weaver.  Etheric Weavers are healing tools hand crafted by Shambhala monks and are designed to strengthen Chi, release pain, stress and emotional blockages and balance and purify the chakras.  Etheric Weaver Healing is a very safe therapy that can be used for most conditions.  During a session the client lays fully clothed on a massage table while the body is scanned with a weaver.  The weaver spins when it encounters an enery blockage and stops once the blockage is cleared.  



Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary practice involving the use of alternating pressure applied to the reflexes on the feet to encourage the body to heal itself at its own pace.  Reflexology promotes overall health and may help treat a variety of conditions.  It also relaxes the body and eases tension by helping the body’s systems work more effectively.  Regular sessions may help maintain your health and build up immunity and resistance to disease. 

Disclaimer:  The services and products offered by PANACEA - Healing for Body and Sole LLC are not a replacement for medical care, diagnostics or treatment.  Please contact your physician regarding any health concerns you may have.